WordSolid Translation is a team of dedicated writers offering premium German-to-English translation and English editing and copywriting services.

WordSolid was founded by Lucais Sewell.

Lucais Sewell's photo

A dual British and American citizen raised in California and Scotland, Lucais holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, History and Economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz as well as a Master’s degree in Marketing from Freie Universität Berlin. Lucais has been working as a translator, editor and copywriter since 2006, and previously managed the Berlin-based agency Genial Translations. In his free time Lucais enjoys running, reading and traveling.

Lucais personally translates and edits many texts, and can also draw on a pool of talented and proven language experts to best meet your specific needs.


We’re committed to helping you succeed by putting our passion for the written word at your service. The quality of your text has top priority.

You may have had a bad experience with another language service provider in the past. This wouldn’t surprise us. Most companies maintain long lists of mediocre freelancers and churn out texts like cheap factory products. WordSolid is different. We are a small team of experienced language experts providing a customized and high-quality service. You’ll be sure to notice the care and attention that goes into each piece of writing we deliver. We guarantee the precise and professional rendering of your text, quick turnaround times and friendly, courteous service.

Our approach to translation

We generally take an adaptive approach to the art of translation. There are various names for this method, including localization, text adaptation and cultural transplantation. At WordSolid, adaptive translation means fully transporting the German source text into the linguistic and cultural space of the English-speaking world. In short, our goal is to faithfully express the content and underlying meaning of the German original in professional English that is without any stylistic shortcomings. The reader should never stumble, hesitate, or otherwise be confused by the text. Furthermore, the translation should fulfill recognized standards for professional writing: it should be clear, concise and consistent.

Somewhat astonishingly, the overwhelming majority of English translations one encounters in the German-speaking world suffer from massive stylistic and substantive deficiencies. Oftentimes, English readers simply assume that stylistic problems and generalized weirdness are inevitable when it comes to translations from German. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is always a solution for expressing content originally formulated in German in clean, concise English, provided the translator has a sufficient degree of freedom to strategically adapt the text to the alternate cultural and lingustic space of the English-speaking world. Don’t settle for weird translations. Contact us.

Working methods

WordSolid is a team of talented translators, editors and copywriters that has been personally vetted and assembled by Lucais Sewell.

Our work processes exceed the quality standards set forth for the translation industry by the European Committee for Standardization in EN-1503.

This means that your texts are only assigned to translators with relevant formal qualifications or experience in your field. Lucais can call on a broad pool language experts to satisfy your specific needs.

Furthermore, all translations are subjected to extensive quality checks: after an initial review by the translator, documents are carefully examined and optimized by a second individual. This final check may involve reviewing the text multiple times. In our experience, repeated fine-tuning is the only way to guarantee the highest standards in terms of style and content.

We use professional database management tools to assure terminological consistency across projects.

Personal communication with you is an additional hallmark of our work. For clearly, the best texts are produced in close collaboration with the client. For no additional cost we are on call to discuss your expectations, needs or desires, both before and after the job.

Join our team

We’re always on the look out for fresh talent. If you’re a native English speaker and have experience as a translator, editor, or writer, we’d be happy to take a look at your CV. Send us an e-mail at jobs@wordsolid.de.