We specialize in high-quality translation from German into English in a variety of subject areas.

Superior texts

We offer fully localized translations. This means that your text will read as if it were orignally written in English. Our texts never suffer from the stitled or clumsy phrasing that so often plagues translated documents. We take the extra time to adapt your text to the English language, editing the material as necessary to ensure that your content is accurately transformed into fluid and precise English.

In business and academia, you’re judged by the quality of your writing. Make the right impression and rely on us for professional and eloquently written documents that read as if originally composed in English.

For more on our approach to the craft of translation, be sure to read Lucais Sewell’s blog, The Translation Post.

Quality control

The only way to ensure perfect documents is to re-read them – not just once, but several times. Our quality control process starts with the translator. After carefully rendering your document in English, the translator checks his work, correcting errors while enhancing the text stylistically. Your text is then passed on to a second translator, who reviews it for style and accuracy. This review may involve re-reading and polishing the document two to three times. In our experience, repeated review (3–5 times in total) is the only way to ensure error-free texts without any stylistic shortcomings. We take pride in our work, and you’ll be sure to notice the effort and care that goes into each piece of writing we deliver.

Translation tools

We use advanced translation tools and terminology databases, such as Trados and Wordfast. This allows us to offer discounts on large jobs in which sections of text are repeated. It also helps to ensure terminological consistency between documents and jobs. Unlike other agencies, we view the database records of past translation as the client’s property, and are happy to provide them to you free of charge.

Free follow-up

Your complete satisfaction is important to us. We offer first-time clients free follow-up consultation and editing for any questions or desired changes you may have. There is never “one right way” to translate a document, and you may have specific expectations that we haven’t completely fulfilled. We’re happy to work with you on refining the text until you are satisfied with the end product.

Competitive rates

We are a small and select group of freelance language experts, not a translation agency in the standard sense. This allows us to provide our clients with the personal attention and care they deserve. As a network of freelancers we’re also able to offer competitive rates, normally 15-20% lower than most translation agencies.

Request a quote

Contact us for a free price quote and delivery date. There is no obligation to accept our offer.


We offer highest-quality copyediting services for business and academic documents. We are particularly experienced in enhancing documents written by non-native speakers of English.

Our approach

In addition to the correction of grammatical and typographical errors, we carefully review and edit your text to ensure that it is clear, concise and consistent. Extensive revision may be required to improve deficiencies in style and expession, or correct terminological issues. Unlike many other agencies, we never conduct superficial edits, merely fixing spelling mistakes while overlooking stylistic or substantive deficiencies. We subject your text to a highly critical reading and polish it until it reads professionally. Particularly when it comes to texts written by non-native speakers, this may involve significant re-writing.

Editing or proofreading?

The boundaries between editing and proofreading are not always clear-cut. We recommend simply sending us the text you need revised. We’ll review it, and provide you with a fixed quote based on your requirements and our estimation of the work involved.


The time required to edit a piece of writing can vary significantly, making it difficult to offer a fixed word rate. For this reason, we charge by the hour for copyediting services, but unlike other agencies, are happy to quote you a fixed price in advance.

British or American English?

Feel free to specify whether you prefer British or American English. We’re ready to unify your text based on the conventions of either dialect.

A custom solution

Personal communication with you – both before and after the job – is a hallmark of our service. Just give us a call: we’re happy to discuss your needs, expectations, intended readers, etc. Your complete satisfaction is important to us. We offer first-time clients free follow-up consultation and editing for any questions or desired changes you may have. We’re happy to work with you on refining your text until you are satisfied with the end product.


We offer high-quality copywriting services for marketing, business, academic, and scientific texts.

Premium copy

To reach new customers in new markets, you not only need the right product – you need the right message. Concise and professional copy is an essential component of a successful marketing campaign, and means the difference between the success or failure of your expansion efforts. Rely on us for high-impact and effective copy, tailor-fit to your target audience and marketing goals. Our team of experienced copywriters has supplied dozens of companies and organzations with compelling written communications that get noticed.

A full-range service

We are full-service provider for all written communication needs. We can assist with a wide variety of content, from online copy and marketing brochures to internal reports and customer magazines. We also have experience in a broad range of subject areas, from industrial products and IT services to scientific reports and academic publications. No project is too large or small: from the one-off production of a new brochure to the launch of a new brand and all associated content, we’re ready to provide effective copy that will fuel your success.

Close collaboration

Successful copy is always the product of a collaborative process. We work closely with you to assess your needs and expectations, and to gain an intimate understanding of your brand and services. This allows us to develop copy that is a natural extension of your corporate identity and positioning. You’ll be given an opportunity to provide input at key steps in the development process, ensuring that the copy we produce is not only memorable and effective, but also fully satisfies your expectations.

Experience counts

Our team of experienced copywriters boasts a diverse range of experience and skillsets. This enables us to meet our clients’ exacting requirements for precise and professional copy, no matter what their specific needs.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Our work isn’t done until you are completely happy with the end product.