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The European Union Law Database. An essential resource.

EU multilingual term database

Microsoft terminology translations, a comprehensive database of IT terms

German-English glossary of financial terminology

German-French-English glossary of terms in media research

Technical University of Chemnitz German-English dictionary

Bilingual glossary of lighting design terms

Glossary of petroleum and energy industry terminology

German-English technical dictionary

German-English dictionary of words and idioms

German-English dentistry dictionary

Telecommunications terminology dictionary

German dictionary of construction terminology

English-German real estate dictionary

English glossary of translation industry terminology

Dictionary of technical terms dealing with metals

German-English dictionary for organic chemistry

Telecommunications dictionary (English only)

Bilingual glossary of air traffic control terminology

Large German-English glossary of aviation terms - A Bilingual Contextual Dictionary

Translation associations

American Translators Association

German Association of Translators and Interpreters